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Autokomerc Centar Aerodrom

Autokomerc Ltd. - 25 years of successful business.

Autokomerc Ltd. is the oldest domestic private company in the automobile industry in Serbia. As a pioneer in private business in early nineties it was founded on love for the cars, developing its business by a registered dealership of two renown brands - Audi u Volkswagen. Today, Autokomerc is a well known name, renown for its automotive industry business, and its management focused to enriching its scope of services, besides the principal once, selling and servicing of the cars.

Important dates

  • Celebration of successful business for 25 years

    28. december 2017.

    Company Autokomerc celebrated 25 years of successful business. Exactly 25 years ago the oldest private company in the automotive industry is founded, the one that has brought the dealership to this market for famous company from Germany - Audi and Volkswagen. This important jubilee is celebrated at Autokomer Airport in fantastic atmosphere filed with the tradition, and new waves rhythms, by symbolizing a unique way of Autokomers development.

    Photos from the 25 years celebrations are here.


  • Autokomerc Car Wash

    30. september 2016.

    Self Serve Car Wash was opened, available 24/7 at Svetog Save 84/c in Surčin.


  • Celebration of successful business for 2 decades

    28. december 2012.

    Company Autokomerc celebrated its great jubilee, 20 years of successful business. This is celebrated at Audi showroom. And the most pleasing is the fact we have had more than 300 guests who have been with us all this years, for who we can say are our friends.

    Photos from the celebrations are here.


  • The new showroom Autokomerc Center Airport


    2007 is built the first exclusive Audi showroom within Autokomerc Center Airport.

    Autokomerc Center Airport

  • Autokomerc - an official authorized for Audi and Volkswagen


    Since 2004 Autokomerc is with his two branches Autokomerc Center Airport and Autokomerc Komision is an official authorized dealership for Audi and Volkswagen.


  • Autokomerc Karting Center

    21. september 2002.

    he first professional karting track Autokomerc Karting Center is opened, and to this day this is a unique sports and recreational location in Belgrade, where you can experience an adrenalin driving.

    Autokomerc Karting Center

  • The new showroom Autokomerc Komision


    Built a modern selling and servicing venue for Volkswagen in Oblakovskoj bb street where today are the headquarters of Autokomers Komision.

    Autokomerc Komision

  • The partnership contract with Volkswagen group

    26. January 1996.

    Volkswagen group has chosen Autokomerc from 17 others for its an official authorized dealer for Audi and Volkswagen and Yugoslavia. By signing the contract of the partnership, Autokomerc has become the official dealer and the first company to bring this famous brands to the market.

  • Company established

    28. Decembaer 1992.

    Company Autokomerc is established December 28 192. The founder is the owner Rajko Đurđević.

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