Audi A8 glamour and luxury

Audi A8 glamour and luxury

The presentation of the exclusive model Audi 8L at the Autokomerc Centre Airport

The new Audi A8 is more than a car – this was the impression of the guests who attended presentation of exclusive premium model Audi A8L on October 26that the Autokomerc Center Airport. In the spirit of elegance and glamour, as it is, the new Audi star has been presented and it has attracted numerous guests and Audi lovers, as well as car lovers. The guest enjoyed the piano music, the lightshow and one and only Audi A8L.

The new A8 gives you the freedom to focus on the most important – the freedom to enjoy with your closest one in absolute comfort. Audi A8 is an oasis of relaxation, even for working. This model is a step closer to the grand vision of autopilot ride.

When you enter this exclusive model, you enter the digital world. There are the integrated laser scanners for the fresh perspective. With optional, advanced help system the driver gets the support for much safer ride. An owner of this model will enjoy in the comfort of an impressive design. The OLED option allows exquisite lightening through its lights of innovative design, that are big and precise. Thanks to futuristic dynamic lightening your ride will be fascinating from the very beginning to the end.

The guest at the presentation have had the opportunity to enjoy the luxury and the outstanding ambient of Audi A8, to feel the exclusiveness and to have an insight into the future on the wheels. The combination of glamour, comfort and digital technology concentrated in the new premium model Audi A8 it has become a new wish of the guest.

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